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Cold Brew Coffee & Tonic [300 ml]

Cold Brew Coffee & Tonic [300 ml]
Cold Brew Coffee & Tonic [300 ml]
Cold Brew Coffee & Tonic freeshipping - Kofi Ti
Cold Brew Coffee & Tonic freeshipping - Kofi Ti
Load image into Gallery viewer, Cold Brew Coffee & Tonic [300 ml]
Load image into Gallery viewer, Cold Brew Coffee & Tonic [300 ml]
Load image into Gallery viewer, Cold Brew Coffee & Tonic freeshipping - Kofi Ti
Load image into Gallery viewer, Cold Brew Coffee & Tonic freeshipping - Kofi Ti

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  • Ingrediente 100% naturale
  • Produs în România

The freshly roasted specialty coffee meets the cinchona tree bark in out studio in Buftea. The cold brew coffee has a fresh, rich taste, has less acidity and is less bitter than hot brewed coffee.

Region: Mataquescuintla, Fraijanes, Guatemala
Ferm: Ferma El Hato 
: Cooperativa de Colis, Rodolfo Pozuelos
Altitude: 1700 m
: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Pache
Processing: washed
Roastery: Sloane Coffee Roastery

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INGREDIENTS: filtered water; raw sugar cane; specialty coffee; acidifier: citric acid; cinchona (quinine tree bark); carbon dioxide.
Contains natural quinine.

Nutritional information
Per 100ml: Calories: 119 kJ / 28 kcal, total fat 0.24 g, Saturated Fat 0 g, Total carbohydrates 6.5 g, Total sugar 5.19 g, Protein <0.12 g, Salt 0 g.

About us

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Kofi Ti is the first cold brew and craft soda workshop in Romania. But it all starts with a story. Kofi Ti is a story woven around tastes and flavours, nature and simple things rediscovered, a story inspired by travel and driven by the pleasure of creating.

We follow our passion from 2017, inventing and producing craft beverages with new, surprising tastes, using original recipes and only raw natural ingredients, from all over the world - from Colombia, Bolivia, Italy, Madagascar, Ecuador, India, China or Sri Lanka.

One by one, at our studio in Buftea, we have created an original and varied range of natural craft beverages, without added colours, preservatives or flavours, using only the highest quality ingredients, most pf them introduced for the first time on the Romanian market.

We fell in love with cascara (coffee cherry pulp), one of the most powerful natural antioxidants, from which we make Cascara Lemonade; we are probably the only producers of tonic water straight from the bark of the quinine tree, a natural antiviral; we went back to the origins to create a craft soda from the kola nut - Kola Tonic; we make a delicious Cold Brew Coffee using coffee roasted by Bogdan Georgescu, world vice-champion in roasted coffee and we pack specialty teas, carefully selected and imported directly from small producers in Yunnan, China, the region with the richest tradition in tea processing.

Partner locations

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You can find Kofi Ti products in our partner locations in Romania in Arad, Baia Mare, Balotești, Braşov, Bucureşti, Buftea, Cluj-Napoca, Corbeanca, Constanţa, Crevedia, Iaşi, Năsăud, Onești, Oradea, Ostratu, Otopeni, Ploiești, Popești-Leordeni, Râmnicu-Vâlcea, Satu Mare, Sibiu, Sighișoara, Târgoviște, Târgu Mureș, Târnăveni, Timişoara and Vișeul de Sus...
... and soon in many other cities.

Also we are happy to say we have crossed the Danube and our products are available in Varna at 4312 Specialty Coffee

And for the days when you do not want to leave the house, you can order our products online, on the Kofi Ti website and from our friends -Băcănia Tei | BOON by La Setarra | BarShaker | eMAG | The Beer Institute | Prăvălia Idicel | Bistro Raw Vegan | Roditor Food Market | Maker Shop


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We are Kofi Ti and we produce Romanian craft beverages in our workshop in Buftea - Str. Marasesti, Nr. 27.

Please leave us a message using the form below and we will reply as soon as possible.

You can also contact us by phone or email
PHONE:(+40) 741 208 034 / (+40) 756 487 498
E-MAIL: contact@kofiti.ro

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